If you want to impress your guests at your event by serving signature cocktails, we do offer the option of big batch cocktails served in our gorgeous drink dispensers.


All of our Drink Station Packages can be upgraded to add one or more of our BYO Bulk Cocktail Dispensers. They are specifically designed to be utilised as a self-serve station for your guests to help themselves and are absolutely perfect for a wedding or any other special celebration.


How It Works

  • Decide the number of signature cocktails you wish to serve, (usually 2 - His & Hers) and then choose which delicious cocktail(s) from our menu, at the time of confirming your booking. We will advise you regarding quantities for you to supply us.
  • You provide all BYO alcohol to us 1 week prior to your event date, Vintage Celebrations then works our magic to create your choice of delightful cocktail creations infused with fresh fruits and herbs. We will have them batched, chilled and ready to go on your big day!


We have a choice of 6 or 10 or 12 litre dispensers, which make it a really economical way to serve and delight your guests (especially when using your own BYO liquor)! We have a great selection of cocktails to choose from.


PLEASE NOTE: All Alcohol is strictly BYO, meaning you supply all  alcoholic beverages required for each cocktail you wish to serve and we supply everything else you will need for each drink (all non-alcoholic mixers, ice, fresh fruit and herb garnishes.


The Big Batch Cocktail Package Includes:


  • Your choice of drink dispensers to suit the look and style of your event
  • Your choice of signature cocktails from our drinks menu
  • All non-alcoholic mixers for each individual cocktail
  • A personalised drinks menu listing your drinks menu selection
  • All bar glasses (champagne & wine glasses + tumblers)
  • Ice and cocktail garnishes for your chosen signature drinks
  • Napkins and Straws
  • Ice



  • 6 Litre Dispensers –   $70
  • 10 Litre Dispensers – $100
  • 12 Litre Dispensers –  $120


As a guide to how many drinks per dispenser (250 ml glasses):

  • A 6 litre dispenser pours 24 drinks
  • A 10 litre dispenser pours 40 drinks
  • A 12 litre dispenser pours 48 drinks


We have a list of cocktails that are perfect  for serving from our drink dispensers.   We’ve selected a few of our favourite cocktails to keep the drinks simple, tasty and sure to please. However, if you had something else in mind, we’ll work with you to tailor a cocktail menu exactly to your tastes. 



BYO Big Batch Cocktails

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